Fully Licensed

Cambridge Drones's operators are fully licensed to conduct commercial flight operations.

Public Liability Insurance

Cambridge Drones are covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

UK Coverage

Cambridge Drones have operators around the country to keep pricing and availability competitive.

Make Your Property Stand Out...

Property Aerial Photos and Video

CambridgeDrones can provide services from sales and marketing, down to property inspection and surveys.

Sales and Marketing

Make your properties stand out from the crowd with a full video and photos of your property with the latest technology.

Inspections and Surveys

Whether you are looking to buy a property or identify repairs, CambridgeDrones can deliver aerial services to save you time and money.

Don't depend on google maps...

Planning Projects

We need the latest view from above when it comes to preparing planning documents. Depending on google maps for up-to-date and clear images is a roll of the dice. More so in rural areas! Cambridge Drones can provide the latest images of a site to support your applications.

Top-Down Visuals

Cambridge Drones are able to take aerial property photos of your site from above, so you are fully up-to-date with the site and can confidently create proposals with the latest information.

Area Overview

Planning documents include photos of the surrounding areas, sustainable features, access splays, etc.. Use us to elevate the professionalism of your proposal.

Get Your Commercial Property Noticed...

Commercial Property Aerial Services

Commercial Properties are fantastic assets that need to be marketed, maintained and assessed. Aerial Photography can form a large part of these requirements.

Property Inspection

Commercial buildings tend to be bigger and taller than residential, which causes additional cost and risk. Drones can make life much easier.

Marketing Commercial

Cinematic shots of offices, creating a story for the new business that could be moving in. Make your adverts pop with aerial property photos and video.

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