Drone Construction Site Surveys

Fully Licensed

Cambridge Drones's operators are fully licensed to conduct commercial flight operations.

Public Liability Insurance

Cambridge Drones are covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

UK Coverage

Cambridge Drones have operators around the country to keep pricing and availability competitive.

Construction happens in stages...

Drone Construction Site Surveys

Cambridge Drones are able to assist construction project requirements from start to finish, from identifying sites, to marketing them.

Construction Site Survey

A survey is generally a good starting point. Cambridge Drones are able to supply drone construction site surveys, with accuracy down to 2cm using ground control points.

Aerial Planning Support

We are able to produce high-quality photos and surveys to support planning applications and appeals.

Professional photos help sales...

Monitor the changes on construction sites

Capture the Stages of Development throughout the construction process, to ensure investors, clients and suppliers are kept up to date with progress.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our workers is essential. Why have people working at heights when it is easier, cheaper and faster to send up the drone?

Construction Site Compliance

Aerial photography is able to support compliance and standards documentation to ensure you are not challenged at a later date.

Minimise rebuilds

As Designed vs As-Built

Using drones as part of your construction site surveys, you will be able to identify and match up your plans to each stage of the build. Pouring concrete…make sure markings match up to the plans before it goes down by overlaying the plan on top of the site and comparing the two.

Avoid rebuilds

Using drones, you will be able to compare plans to reality, minimising potential rebuilds. Compare markings on the ground to your drawings to prevent costly rebuilds.

QA Delivery

Your QA teams will easily be able to identify any variation from plans. Be it top down or even modelling the construction site. They will be able to identify features, without even setting foot on the site.

Go back in time

Construction Site Survey Time Machine

Have you ever wanted to refer back to a snapshot in time on your site, to understand where things went wrong, or to double-check on something you are unsure about? Drones can act as your time machine.

Unmarked Trenches

Refer back to previous drone flights to understand precisely the location and measurements of trenches.

Track Assets

There one day, gone the next? Track the movement of assets around the site with drone construction site surveys.

Technology evolves

Drone Technolgy in Construction

Drone construction site survey technology is moving at a rapid pace, and accelerating! We are here to keep you on the edge of what is possible, returning the best value to you and your clients.

DroneDeploy is a fantastic platform that is able to span across many different requirements, returning 2D and 3D mapping and modelling for BIM comparison and site updates.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

The latest drones such as the Matrice 300 RTK enable us to stay in the air for longer and achieve results faster, reducing site time and cost to you.

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