Agriculture Drone Surveys

Fully Licensed

Cambridge Drones's operators are fully licensed to conduct commercial flight operations.

Public Liability Insurance

Cambridge Drones are covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

UK Coverage

Cambridge Drones have operators around the country to keep pricing and availability competitive.

Increase speed and quality of your data...

Agriculture Drone Surveys

Cambridge Drones are able to help advisors, agronomists, and growers gather in-season, whole-farm insights to maximize yield and profitability. Agriculture drone surveys are a very important tool and can be set up to provide on-going, valuable information to provide a stronger situational awareness across the business.

Crop Monitoring

Gain instant ongoing visibility of crop conditions across acres of land, without spending the time traveling from acre to acre.

Field Surveys

Aerial surveys of your fields can help you understand the condition and potential yields of your crops translating into better situational awareness across your business.

Spend more time analysing data than collecting it...

Monitoring Changes In The Agricultural Landscape

Understanding changes in your land over time is important to identify problems quickly, and build a historical blueprint of how your land responds. Drones can help you cover the ground much faster than walking the fields, and you can wake up to actionable information, saving a lot of time.

Irrigation Monitoring

Our thermal cameras can help to see irrigation issues quickly, or areas that are receiving too little or excessive moisture.

Drone Automation

Day to day monitoring helps deliver precise data over time. We are able to work with you and consult on a solution to suit your requirements.

evolution of technology

Drone Technology Increasing Yields and Time Savings

Farming has seen a rapid evolution of technology over the years, and definitely beyond the days of the horse and cart. Today, we use machines to automate processes and provide actionable data to increase yields and profits. Drone’s are able to perform surveys faster, while giving you back more actionable data, than what is possible on foot.

Faster Coverage

Agriculture drone surveys are faster than traditional methods while providing detailed information that can increase yields and profits.

Latest Drone Technologies

Using technologies such as DroneDeploy and Pix4D, we can either run one-off surveys or work with you on a consistent basis to provide quality data. Automation is the next step for large farms, and we can help you with that step.

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