Aerial Industrial Surveys

Fully Licensed

Cambridge Drones's operators are fully licensed to conduct commercial flight operations.

Public Liability Insurance

Cambridge Drones are covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

UK Coverage

Cambridge Drones have operators around the country to keep pricing and availability competitive.

Capture The Scene Safely

Aerial Industrial Surveys

Aerial industrial surveys can monitor assets across facilities, pipelines, and infrastructure, without the higher risk to life and property.

Aerial Industrial Surveys and Site Planning

Oversee site planning and design of a new or acquired facility with 2D maps, 3D maps, thermal imagery, LiDAR, etc..

Speed of Delivery

Using Drones will drastically speed up your operations and provide richer data across you organisation and contractors.

Industrial is not just oil and gas

Wind and Solar Surveys

Renewable energy in the form of wind and solar is growing rapidly, and so are the requirements to maintain and monitor assets.

Inspect Existing Assets

Drones are able to quickly inspect and map your existing assets, removing the need for scaffolding or people working at height unless absolutely necessary.

New Site Evaluations

Map out potential sites, elevations, boundaries, etc. to ensure you have the data to make the best decisions.

Communications testing

Antenna Testing Services

Antennas respond differently in the air than they do on the ground. Using our drone expertise, we are able to work with you on testing your antenna at multiple heights, up to 400ft and beyond with permissions.

Drone Mounted Testing Services

Drones are able to lift antenna payloads to heights for testing purposes that would otherwise be extremely costly and difficult to produce test results for.

Inspect Communication Towers

Drones are able to provide full 2d and, more importantly with towers, 3d mapping data. Using this data combined with thermal Imagery to understand the condition of the tower and comms hardware.

Heat leakage costs money

Thermal Surveys

Maintaining high insulation levels can lead to a more efficient building.

Check for Thermal Anomalies

Drones are able to quickly inspect the thermal fingerprint of buildings, discovering areas that may need work to increase their efficiency.

Water Ingress Discovery

Using thermal technology, we are able to identify areas where the roof may be leaking and small amounts of water. This needs to be fixed to prevent long term damage.

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